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Finally Getting Power To My New Computer

Well it has now been two weeks since I started ordering parts and then returning/exchanging parts for my new computer. At first I was going to build my system around the AMD 940 Phenom X4 chip. So i ordered the ram and the mother board for it. So there I am researching what I want and where to get it for the cheapest price for a week. Once that ,in addition to most everything else comes in, I figure I'll start to put this together with what part i have like the motherboard, CPU, and ram. So I put in the ram. "Piece of cake" I say to myself. Then I take out the CPU from from its flimsy plastic encasement and hold it in awe. In awe how such a small thing can enable us to do so much. As I turn it over to inspect the bare pins on its underside I see what shouldn't be there. A bent pin! Oh no! Should I try to "fix" it? I decide against this since I just bought it then I should just return it. Amazon made it easy to return this defective CPU.
Now It was time to hunt for a new CPU. After a couple of hours of on and off searching my brother calls. "Hey! I found a great deal" Then he goes on to tell me about AMD's latest chip the Phenom X4 965BE c3 selling at $165 with free shipping. So I jump on that thinking it would be compatible with my AM2+/DDR2 motherboard since it is supposed to be compatible with AM3. So when the new chip arrives I install it into the motherboard and then I go on and connect the power and all the necessary connections. Now the moment of truth arrives. As I lay my finger on the computer's power button I lean over and expectantly look inside to see what comes next. Nothing. Hmmm, maybe I didn't press hard enough and so I press it again. Nothing. The only thing going through my head was "Crap!" I suspected this might happen but I didn't really want to believe it. So I look on the internet to see what others in my situation have done and can't really find any others. So I keep looking then I finally find a posting. What this person had to do was flash their bios using the old chip so the motherboard would then take the new chip. Crap, again. My last AMD computer still uses IDE connections and the AMD chip had a name that was hard to make out underneath the old thermal compound, AMD Duron. This is when I realize how outdated my things have become and so has what I knew. So glad I am building my own now just wish it was easier to know for sure if things were compatible. Since this Duron chip is so old it was not compatible with the 785G chip on the motherboard I wanted to use, so using it to flash the bios was out of the question. Buying a lower priced chip to flash the bios seemed like an option but I decided it was going to be too much trouble. Might as well just go ahead and jump up to the AM3/DDR3 motherboard. So I find myself a motherboard (GA-790XT-USB3) that is capable of running SATAII and the newest standard of USB3.

... more later. Too tired to keep writing right now.


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