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First Class Of Second Semester

Yes, finally I have gone back to college. My break was just too long. I was bored at home for the last two weeks since my friends all left two weeks before me.

So anyway, I arrived back on Saturday and boy do I feel overwhelmed. Ok, so over the weekend I goofed off with some friends before the start of semester. My schedule worked out so I have all of my classes 10AM or later, but such said classes are clustered together. I have about 10 minutes to get from class to class. This is only between three different pairs of classes, but at least one of them happens everyday

Physics really has me worried though. Many people have told me that College Physics will consume and break you. It already seems like that. There already is some reading to do, as well as a quiz on Friday. Not only that, the syllabus is so long and the grade determination is really quite worrying. 300 points from 3 exams, 200 points for final, 100 for discussion grade, 50 for lab, 50 for lecture quizzes. 100 points is dropped from your worst grade, which makes it 600 points total. This sounds good at first, but then looking at the final grade determination looks crazy...

(Based on % of 600)
100-80 - A
80-75 - A-
75-70 - B+
70-65 - B
65-60 - B-
60-55 - C+
55-50 - C
50-45 - C-
45-40 - D
Below 40 - F

Obviously with this scale, the grading must be tough! I'm going to have to work so hard in order to get a good grade. I really don't think I can come on here too often anymore. I'm probably going to die...

Calculus II does not look fun. The teacher is kind of weird. He talks like he is a recent grad student but he also says that he hasn't taught this course in a long time. Also, he says he is nocturnal....ok

My engineering courses seem ok, I've only been to the general one so far. Still the same as before.

My elective is "Music of Far East Asia." It seems like a good class. I get to listen to ethnic music, read about them, and memorize stuff about them. I think this course isn't going to be easy either, but at least I will enjoy it and learn something new.

That's all for now, I don't think I will be posting something in a long time. My friends still play games every day and all the time. One of them doesn't so I try to talk to him more

Anyway, my head kind of hurts right now and I have some stuff to do...I do hope that I live to tell the tale of college physics


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