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First Desktop

I have been building computers for other for about 3 years now and I've always been asked what desktop I have, though I could never answer them because I have never owned my own desktop. I didn't tell my clients that of course, I just gave them tips from a fantasy desktop in my Newegg wishlist.

I'm a college student full time, majoring in Network and Communications management, ever since I was little i wanted to be a system admin, I know, weird job for a 9yrs old to be aspiring to but I did. My mom claimed that ever since I was but 3yrs of age I was curious about how things worked, what exactly made them tic. Through my curiosity I would often pry things apart and of course not put them back together. By the age of 6 my dad had gotten a brand new computer (back in 1996). I did every thing on that computer, played games, solved problems and did homework. Then it happened, on my 8th birthday I was allowed to see the movie "Hackers" (dad fast forwarded through any naughty scenes) anyways, that was like hot liquid fire through my veins. I wanted to know everything and anything and wanted to master the computer as the actors did, especially the admin in the movie. (yes i know, he was bad bad ) By the age of 12 I had repaired my first computer. I troubleshooted it and found it to have a bad PSU which i then recommended it be changed, but being a 12yr old I wasn't exactly taken seriously until I had my dad vouch for me. It turned out i was right. From that point on I was the tech man in the family and still am. Last week for the first time, I raised $350 over the course of 3yrs without an official job (not for the lack of not applying)

And I finally got my build. My First, for myself. My very own desktop.


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