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First Impressions Of A Tt Duorb

Although I had promised myself not to put any more money on Fr0stbyte on new year's eve, I knew my resolution wouldn't last long, like all the others. I got tired of getting thermal shutdowns on my 8800 GT (probably the memory), so I treated myself to a Thermaltake Duorb, a cooler which from what I heard is so fit for the GT that it's as if it were made for it.

So far, I've got it installed and tested the temperatures, but nothing more, and seriously, I'm blown away. I don't understand how two small heatpipes, a handful of aluminum heatsinks can cool that much. My temps used to be in the high 40s low 50s idle, and remained that way even after the BIOS fan fix, but the Duorb manages to keep my card at 36 idle, CLOSED CASE! Take my best idle temp with the stock cooler, being 48, and that's a whole 12C drop. And we're not even talking about memory.

Some people have criticized the Duorb because it just swings the ambient case air around instead of throwing it out by the back, but for a casual gamer like me who almost never games for hours on end straight, it's a major upgrade, and it looks kick ass with my V1 and all the other case fans.

Let's hope it allows me to BIOS mod to over the Akimbo clocks with the vmod. As for the memory and shader clock which seemed to be heating up quickly and causing crashes, I'm pretty my clever placement of heatsinks will get the job done.

A review is coming soon, as are the pics.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › First Impressions Of A Tt Duorb