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First Paid It Related Work

A friend of mine at uni who's working on a final year project for his business degree came to me for help last week. His project involves him and three other students seting up a real business and tradeing. They'd chosen the simple idea of selling guitar picks, t-shirts, and buttons with custom logo's and designs on. Everything had been prepared, such as suppliers, VAT registration and the like, unfortunately they didn't have a website for their company.

I'm not the most creative person when it comes to makeing a website look nice so I asked Ian to provide me with a rough sketch, or design, as to how they wanted the site to look and what the text should say. I would then convert the design to HTML code so that they could host it via Go-Daddy. I was given the layout as a Microsoft Publisher document and duly set to work.

When it came to developing the site I simply used Chami's HTML-Kit and good old Microsoft Paint to resize the images taken from the Publisher document. The site only took four hours to code and best of all I was £40 to do it. Even though I could definately get used to this sort of work, unfortunately most website developers don't have the luxury of their cusomer being so specific as to a site's layout. That said, it has given me the inspiration to look into a business venture of my own.


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