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First Rma It Sucks

I'm building a budget rig a friend of mine who has lived off of his graphic designer father's old Macs for his entire life currently. He gave me a 700$ budget, and so with 750 I went out and bought these parts from NCIX.

Everything went fine when ordering, except for two small mishaps, the first one being that it took like a friggin week to even get the stuff in the mail, and the other being that the power supply I ordered was back ordered.

I get the parts, throw it together with a spare power supply, doesn't work. Try again. Nothing, clear CMOS, try once more. None. Try another powersupply, change RAM config, try other set of RAM, nothing. By now, I'm seriously pissed. I call NCIX, speak to some dude, he tells me that chances are that the BIOS doesn't support my chip, one of the latest 45nms, even if there's 45 nm support written in big on the board's box. Makes sense, I take my home server Annabel off it's ceiling rack, rip the whole thing apart, then swap the e4300. The damned thing boots! I flash the new BIOS using Q-Flash (way to go Gigabyte, great stuff you have there), and pop in the e7200. It boots, again! Then I proceed to install Windows... when all of a sudden BSOD. Ok, fine, I reboot. Doesn't boot again, so I clear CMOS again. The next time I reboot, I get this BIOS error message, the BIOS tells me it's fixing itself, then the box shuts down, and won't reboot with the e7200.

By now, I'm frustrated as hell. I try to sleep on it, and it comes to me that maybe that the BIOS has reverted to it's old version while recovering. So the next day, I don't even get dressed before I take down my server again, swap, and try to reboot. The e4300 which used to work now doesn't work anymore. I try repositioning the chip, nothing works.

So I phone the NCIX support team, only to be asked by a machine to leave a message. I get called back by a rep who I can't understand, finally get an RMA number after trying to explain to him that I haven't done anything to the damned board, and that it's obviously a manufacturing defect.

And now I feel super bad asking the guy I'm building this for to pay the shipping to return the thing, and I'm very stressed about NCIX just not giving a crap and sending in the same board telling me it works. What if I haven't testing everything?

Anyways... it's a pretty stressful thing buying stuff for other people, and doing RMA sure does suck.


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