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First Time Nooby 2

I have found a couple great cases and I want some feedback (obviously). Here they are.

Antec 300 (Looks great on paper and heard good things)
Antec 900 (It doesn't look good on paper to me but heard good things)
Lian Li PC-X900
Lian Li PC-60FNW
Lian Li Armoursuit PC-P50
Lian Li Armoursuit PC-P50R (Red Dragon Version of Regular Armosuit)

Note : If I get a Lian Li case, I will be modifying it with the parts they provide on the web. I also need help on choosing a good DVD-ROM and DVD Writer. I use to have this whole asus thing but then I found out EVGA was better so I'm not using their drives anymore. Should I go for something like Pioneer, you know, the company that make KURO displays? I will also be adding Red LED Fans. It matches the board but may look a little creepy in my room at night (I may use it during the night in the dark). Right now, I'm stuck in the middle because I love the Antec 300's modular/square-like shape which also had me looking at these cases but I could also mod them and they have bigger fans. I don't know which one to get.


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