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Fm Am Radio Spawn Of Satan Its More Likely Than You Think

At least here on OCN. Every time someone mentioned FM/AM and it isn't for in-car listening people ALWAYS, without fail, start spamming "FM SUCKS" "LAST.FM > FM" "PANDORA > ALL" and other such crap.

Really? Why do you act like FM is the spawn of Satan? What is so bad about it that you can't rest at night unless you spam posts telling FM/AM listeners to use the e-radio service of your choice?

Since you can't see them on your own I think I'll spew out a few reasons why someone would choose FM over E-radio. They're the reasons I use, at any rate.

1: Their internet may not be kosher with streaming music. Whether they have dialup or, like me, their high-speed is quite intermittent in when it wants to work, they can't use a streaming service. Nothing's worse than stuttering music.

2. Convenience. I don't have to worry about syncing MP3's. I don't have to worry about ensuring the stream service doesn't play music I don't want to hear. I don't have to buy a 150 dollar head unit that can accept input from my Droid for a 500 dollar truck just to listen to my music. I don't hear half a song in the car and then not hear the rest of it when I get inside. I just turn the radio on and bam. Music. Automatically synchronized music.

3. Traffic reports, NOAA advisories, funny morning shows. These are things stream services fail at providing.

4. It's legal, it's free to listen to, and it's likely to stay that way. The RIAA can try, but they're not going to be able to bully the National Association of Broadcasters like they do single mothers who download twelve MP3's off a virus-ridden P2P client. It's also cheaper to listen to.

5. I don't even have to have my gear on hand to listen. As long as there is a FM radio within range I can get my music. And if I happen to wander out of range of 102.9 there's no shortage of other rock stations as I drive. A little channel surfing and the headbanging can resume for another 150 miles.

6. Equipment cost. As I mentioned above I don't need a fancy head unit in my truck, I don't need a fancy sound card in my computer. The freebies I got(Head unit, desktop FM radio) work nicely.

So really, guys, tell me what is so bad about FM radio that you lot can never allow someone to use it?


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