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Folding Home Starrynites Log March 2009

Since I'm spending so much time folding of late, this will be my log about daily crunching. There's so much to say at times, but you know it's not something that justifies a thread in itself. So here will go comments about my time folding for OCN. It'll be updated like a log, by month so not to have 1000001 random posts clogging a category (the forum designer in me likes to keep these things tidy!).

March 16, 2009

My room is at 60F. Yes, 60 freaking COLD degrees, as I sit and babysit My Little Rig. Babysitting because the HD4870 card just loves being an ambassador from Hades. This emissary likes to creep up on you, causing you to worry if your GPU will melt if you keep your eyes off it for long.

It's this cold because I have one of those %(#)%#@($ 511 WUs. The GPU is at a nice 141F now, because only 46% of the WU has been processed. When it gets to around 80%, that's when this little WU wants to call back home to Hades for some backup. When it does, that 141F turns into 172F, and I bake here (the AC unit doesn't always keep up -- it gets HOT, HOT, HOT as the hot air is blowing over the desk and by extension on me!).

Am I a grouch over it? YES!!!

But that's not even the beginning of what my processor is doing with a 908 sized CPU WU. FahMon lists it's preferred deadline as -- 41d 22h 46mn. The final deadline is 92d 22h 46mn. Why so long? It's only processing the WU @ 208PPD. In other words, if I GPU fold for 41d 22h 46mn, at current production rates, I'll be well in the 6 digits of PPDs by then!!

I'm stuck with this thing for a l-o-n-g time.

Here's hoping for a 477, to give my poor Little Rig a BREAK!!!!!!

March 17, 2009

AGH! Got one 477, and now stuck with a 511. These 511 WUs are for the birds. Hot and slow, so slow that in over 8hrs you'll only complete 2 of them.

1d 11hr 55mn for the CPU WU to finish. But at least the PPD increased to 501.

Somewhere I got to dig up some mullah to get an aftermarket cooler for this HD4870. Not safe to leave it on without either turning the processing down or off, as the temps can creep 4F every minute if the AC is off.

Good news: tech relative is looking for some spare CPU cycles for SETI. So I may ditch the CPU side of folding, as getting stuck with these 1 day WUs doesn't offer me much for the effort. He's rising fast in the ranks with his 270, and I want to send him over the #1000 mark. To think he did over 90% of all that by himself is a feat in itself (especially considering he started with a P3 back in '99).

Yes, my heart is more into SETI, as my nick can attest to it. Everyone has a cause they prefer, and finding intelligent life in the universe is also helpful to mankind (for they may have the cures and answers we haven't found yet, or may never find).

March 18, 2009

Team R.E.D (Radeon Enthuasist Donors) is up and finally running - w00t!

Wanted to do more with the logo, but the hours were going by fast, so put up what I could for now. Still have to think of a catchy avatar to do next.

Found that I lost a WU because the computer went into sleep mode. Vista's "balanced" power management means if you leave your computer even running F@H without any other interaction, it'll shut off. :swearing: That was fixed quick!

Have another lovely 477, which after losing a 548 is most welcomed. Wish I could just fold them for now, as they're not as hot as the 511s.

Removed the CPU client as required to have a GPU team and competiting in the GPU competitions. Not like it's going to be missed! Now have CPU time for SETI WUs -- HURRAY! Hopefully tech relative will get me into his team, and with an extra computer, he can finally break the #1000 rank.

So far so good, and hope My Little Rig can keep up with folding, as it's getting a work out!!

March 19, 2009

After I posted yesterday, and took a nap, I came back to my computer and checked the temps of the GPU (as it can get on the hot side), and there in HWmonitor was the min temp...

7C (44F)

Never, and I mean, NEVER have I had any proc or GPU get that cold!!!!

I left the AC unit on as a safety measure to catch some winks, but apparently finishing WUs, the GPU core shuts down, and that's how/when the core can be close to freezing...lol.

Still running an average of 70C(158F), though.

Today there wasn't any big point WUs, highest was 511. So efforts to top 3000PPD failed, all because Stanford isn't offering my rig anything higher than 548 (-advmethods flag or not).

Off to churn more WUs, and hopefully tomorrow I can top 3000PPD again (and that's not bad for a stock rig without a quad).


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