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For Its Own Sake

I feel a little guilty for having neglected this little space of the web that I can lay claim as my own. The truth is, though, the lack of any activity on this blog is due largely to two related factors:

1) Life has been way too hectic lately, and therefore time to think and write has been a little scarce; and

2) I've simply lost momentum with all my writing endeavors, including a still-growing GIGANTIC short story based on "V" (the 1980s sci-fi mini-series) and this blog.

Writing is no different from a muscle, in that it requires constant use to remain strong and effective. The solution to any problem often has its genesis in the mere recognition of the existence of the problem, so I'm formally declaring here that I acknowledge that I've allowed my writing skills to atrophy in the interval since I've last been active.

So it's back in the writer's gym for me.

I happily take up my keyboard and my pencil and notebook, and reclaim that part of my mind that drives the writing engine connected to my soul.

Peace out.


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