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Freeway Time In The La County Jail

Finals are ahead, merge right with the coffee pot. Its 11:11, what is that in binary? 15. 1+6=6. 6.

Yup. The Girl Scouts is a front for illicit cookies. Chocolate mint was never intended to be so delicious.

"I like my women like I like my coffee, ground up, and in the freezer."

If your brain hasn't imploded yet, I'll give you a hint: Tomorrow Never Knows.

Pandora rocks my socks. A few worthwhile artists I've been digging for a while: DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, Squarepusher, Kid Koala, Madlib.

The world doesn't care if you've lost your breath. We are constantly merging, parting, going on tangents, holding hands, eating hot dogs. Whats that spell? E-X-I-S-T-E-N-C-E.

I want, I crave, I rave, I quibble.
I flea, I pee, I grunt, I scribble.
I moan, I envy, I hit a tree, I'm dead.

Blink, and you're gone. How's that grab ya?

~Birdy Nam Nam, "Jazz It At Home" its delicious~

Get caught up like a fish, wind up in a grocery store in Arkansas. It's a shame to see a friend's talent go to waste. It's a wonder to see a friend's talent grow. This freakin emoticon is really pissed off at me for some reason. "Sozo, you need to piss off."

A flick of my tongue and you're dispatched like so much dust in the wind. I'm sorry, was that too much cliche for you? Well who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?

See that kids? I just re-united my self with my insecurity. I'm more secure than a Brinks armored car. Armored car, pshh. More like vault on wheels. There's as much car in one of those things as there's food in Ethiopia.

Something is wrong here. I just made fun of people struggling to live. Comedy is a double-edged sword without a hilt. If only McDonald's could biggie size our double-standard, then we might be able to see it.

Preach preacher, preach.

Back to the rant a paragraph ago, why is it so easy to dismiss someone's existence? After all, aren't we all equal. Everyone that walks the earth has basic rights, has a fair shot, right? ~Seriously, listen to DJ Shadow.~

Insecurity, not quite. I guess a defense for my tongue. Words can fill a heart with the widest range of emotions. They can also lack anything resembling worthwhile-ness.

With words, Hitler rallied a sick country & united it. With words, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. embraced hope and courage. Once I described to my friends that Wario was in a nearby tree. And if my word's have somehow captivated you to read all of this ramble jamble, you deserve an award.

I, hereby congratulate you, the reader, for a job well done.

Now feck off, I've got some schoolin to mind to.


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