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From Apple To Pc An Inside Perspective Of One Guys Adventures In Tech

I've been using computers for the last 25 years.

I've used lots of different systems, from cartridge-based, Apple II E's and C's, oldschool Acers, and at the time I was too young to really care about the specs. I wanted to play King's Quest, Oregon Trail, Number Munchers and Spy vs. Spy.

In 2002 bought my first computer. I took out a loan for it and paid it off monthly. It was an Apple G4 PowerMac Quicksilver, 933MHz and 1 Gig of RAM.

After getting used to OS X, I made a promise to myself, and to others, that I would never again have a Windows-running machine in my possession.

I bought a second generation iPod, a 10Gig model that set me back 400 bucks. Nobody knew what it was, they all looked at me funny wondering what the hell it was I was carrying around with me. 2 years later, and everybody had one.

I worked at Apple for a brief time, and in that time saw many converts. Helped many people make the move from Windows to OS X. Exchanged arguments with Windows users (which, 99.9% had never used OS X, and constantly used the "1-button mouse" argument only to get blasted by my 5 and 6 button mice that I was using).

OS X is a fantastic OS. It's sleek, it's powerful, and it IS very pretty. Navigating through System menus takes little to no effort. Far easier than Windows.

The applications were abundant. Despite the naysayers, I could find apps to do whatever I wanted to do, and most of them way more intuitive than their Windows counterparts.

I loved, and still do love OS X. It's benefits are many. And there are still far too many people on the bandwagon of Apple hating, simply because it's cool to be on it, and they don't have a remote clue as to what they're talking about.

Flash foward to 2009. 3 Words. Left. 4. Dead. The game was so fun when I tried it on a friend's machine I said "I need to build a PC."

And I did. I retitred the 2002 Powermac to my closet. I built a rig good enough to Run Left 4 Dead. AMD Dual Core 555 Kuma processor. Diamond 4670 card.

And then obesession took over. Windows 7 was being released soon, and my hardware? I was tired of running low-res matches in Company of Heroes. Tired of waiting for apps to load. So, I upgraded to a new motherboard, and a new case.

Then I see this site on the web. MurderMod. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I knew I had to have a machine one day that would be within the same subsection of computers.

Windows 7 RC launched, and then came Bad Company 2's demo. I was hooked. I immediately dropped everything, bought a Quad Core AMD processor, bought a Sapphire 5850, and then an 800D to modify and call it my home.

Windows 7 is a fantastic OS. It's still missing the ease of navigation that OS X has, and ISO features in the OS itself. However, Windows 7 is definitely a GIANT leap in the right direction.

And now I'm finding that I'm saying "I won't ever buy an Apple product again."

My my, how the times have changed. And it's not because I think Apple products are overpriced. They aren't. Believe me, the quality and level of service you get with their products is unparallelled. However, Windows 7 does everything I need now, and, I get to mod the hell out of whatever I want.

There's more fun in my computing these days. And chicks dig fun.


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