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Fun With Games For Windows Live

So you probably already know this, but Games for Windows Live sucks. Hard. I finally got around to installing Batman: Arkham Asylum a few days ago, but hadn't played it yet. I had about 45 minutes to kill last night before my wife got home, so I thought I would give it a go. GFWL had other ideas.

I signed in and it wanted to do an update, no biggie. Five minutes later, rinse and repeat...another update? Okay, so maybe they don't have cumulative updates...unusual in this day and age, but not unheard of. So I push forward...and lo and behold, rinse and repeat. It wants to do it yet again?!? Something is wrong, it must not be updating...

So I exit Batman and run GFWL standalone...this time it actually appears to do the update, since now it's called Games for Windows Marketplace. Oookay. Try to sign in...boom, no thank you, cannot connect because of "80070005" or something like that. Try again later. Maybe I can play without signing in, like StarCraft 2? Nope, won't let me save if I do that.

Ooookay. Many Google pages later (most having the same problem I have, but with Windows Messenger, and none with a strong "this will work" solution), I am trying to change the permissions on my user folder. Do a reboot, login to the Administrator account this time, and I can connect. Victory! Right? Wrong! Back in my non-privileged account where I live and play games, I still cannot connect! AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Even more Google pages later, I find the magic elixir: Click a fairly inobtrusive link on the login screen labeled "Forget Profile", then login again. VICTORY!!! I logged in!!! (Now why the hell wasn't this painfully simple solution popping up on Google?!?)

But crap...now I am forced to download the v1.1 patch. That takes about 10 minutes. Finally, the game actually launches and I can play!!! Except...now my wife is home and I'm out of time. *sigh* Maybe this weekend.


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