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Funny Epic True Quotes From Ocn

Just a small list of quotes I've encountered that made me laugh quite well. Updated whenever I find moar.

Originally Posted by Coolio831 View Post
remove the battery (mobo batt) unplug all cables that are plugged into your pc, flip off power supply, hold down power button for 10seconds, and do the rain dance for about 2 min, pop back in battery + replug up everything, last but not least re flip the power switch on the psu

See if that works.
Originally Posted by Kaldari View Post
That made me laugh.

Though I remember having a boner in the bath tub when I was 5 and put a Cookie Monster finger puppet on it because I didn't know any better and thought it was funny.

I'm sorry Cookie Monster.. I'm so sorry.



Originally Posted by F1ForFrags View Post
Hello catmm.

Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me. But if he stopped browsing the internet for porn and practiced safe browsing habits, he could surf like he's me.

Look down. Now back up. You're on a forum, with the man your man could surf like.

What's in your hand? Now back to me. Look what I have. It's 7 tabs of porn open on the computer you love.


Anything is possible when your man surfs OCN, and not porn. I'm on a horse.

Originally Posted by funky882 View Post
i can still turn the computer on, it just catches on fire when i do...

ok i take a pic it.
Originally Posted by enorbet2 View Post
Nah. Worse. You end up married to Ann Coulter for Eternity.

Originally Posted by TFL Replica View Post
Nobody minds gaining a few inches but some prefer to get a second one first.

Originally Posted by videoman5 View Post
You guys are going the wrong way about this. Think of what MSPaint could be!

Originally Posted by Melcar View Post
Sucks to be you. You should cd yourself to a happier place.

Originally Posted by frickfrock99 View Post
Without n00bs,

we would not be l33t.

Originally Posted by Cata1yst View Post
the overclocking of the human population and the increases in the resource consumption voltages post vdroop, has caused mass system instability. The earth will now BSOD and reboot, and the dual BIOS will revert to stock settings.

Originally Posted by adcantu View Post
Strange, the UPS guy always waits for me at the door. He tends to get this disappointed look though whenever I answer the door instead of my wife. I think something may be going on :/

Originally Posted by nathris View Post
So far Gnome shell is an epic fail. The Arch devs aren't even sure they will even support Gnome 3.0.

It does have a fallback though, which I'm painfully aware of. The Gnome devs have a live CD demoing Gnome 3, although it doesn't work on any hardware, because Gnome 3 requires 3d acceleration, and they neglected to install any proprietary drivers on the live cd. It fails in Virtualbox, fails with ATI graphics, fails with Intel graphics, fails with nVidia graphics, and the only way to fix it is to install the drivers and do a reboot to load the new kernel... except its a live cd.
Originally Posted by B!0HaZard View Post
Could be interested. It's cool meeting dudes on the internet, everyone's a girl in here.
Originally Posted by cavallino View Post
Yo dawg I heard you like linux so we put linux in your linux so you can linux while you linux.
Originally Posted by iewgnem View Post
I guess violence can be policed to a certain extent, and more violence leads to less people to manage.

Sex on the other hand can't be policed, and more of it leads to population explosion

Originally Posted by noak View Post
console version of Battlefield 3 support 40 less players than the PC version: 24 vs. 64

64-24=42 not 40

Console 12 year olds will be PISSED haha
Originally Posted by Gnomepatrol View Post
Apple has a patent for that.
Originally Posted by kweechy View Post
Edward can dump that annoying teenager and just feast on blood, carefree, the rest of his sparkling days.


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