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Game Franchises Burn Out Or Fade Away A Video Game Industry Rant

Well, after reading the news that Commander Shepard of the Normandy will not be returning in (if) there is another Mass Effect fallowing the 3rd installment.

is this is a good choice or a bad choice? when is it that those who are incharge of a franchise decide when to "kill" a cast, or let it fade away, or just simply let the series fade into the list of games that will never seem to be continued (Chrono Trigger/cross/radical dreamers) as a series example that a new one would BOOM the industry with nostalgia, where as some games pump out every year, or every second year, where some series seem to just not die, even though many think they should (final fantasy, COD, HALO).

and then there are those games, that currently people WANT more of, like alot more of. Mass Effect, Bioshock, Assassins creed, ectera. Yes people want halo, and COD also, and HALO will probally sell 5-9 million copys on the 360 alone and the MW3 will probally top 10mill cross platform. But does that mean a game is good? Cod the charictors change constantly from game to game, that well, there isnt a real "bond" built. For example, HALO isnt halo without Master Cheif, and with the sales of ODST and REACH, and reaches current online activity, there are prime examples of games that are doomed without the Icon that made them famous in the first place.

Gears of war 3 comes out this year, as well Assassins Creed 3 (or 4 depending on how you look at it) and i dont really see anyone saying that they dont want these games, that they come out all the time and that they are over played and the stories and gameplay is generic however, does this mean that they are Good? or are they just different.

Mass Effect 3 is credited by man to be a copy of many other Bioware games, ive been a long time bioware fan, pretty much since BG1, and most of the other Forgotten realm games that they had done in the many years through there evolution.

Halo 4 brings the return of Master Chief, and well i honestly expect 4 to be a blockbuster, i see it having a decent story, and hopefully HALO "heart" multiplayer. i see it being a huge game, with the return of a charictor that has been missing for far to long and this alone is what will sell millions of copies of this game.

I Will be dusting off my 360 for a couple games, gw3, ac3, and h4

everything else i play on my pc.

the reason behind that isnt achievments, and the fact that h4 will be 360 only. Its well, i like playing with my 360 pals, at lans and such, who 98% of them dont have any computers that even remotely compare to mine.

Some games are just MADE for consoles, so it seems.

MW3 vs BF3....
well i guess i could light this fire, however, i think enough is said on this forum about these two games that i will let everyone else fight it over with pitch forks and flame rods.

When is the time to be a franchise to rest? do you milk it until you gain the cult "unfallowers" do you do it prematurely by killing off the main dudes, or do you end it triumpantly and let it end the hall of golden games of the past?

Burn Out or Fade Away...


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