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Gamers Blog 10 Overclock Net Boinc Team

So I'm taking this time to keep the rest of you up on what's happening with BOINC and Overclock.net

Recently, OCN launched its OFFICIAL Boinc Team. You can see the team stats and join the team and learn more about BOINC by going here

With that said, let's see how the OCN team is going in the world.
(note: stats below were as of this writing)

We currently have 15 members making up nearly 10 million credit (9,327,794 to be exact). So far, we are ranked 931 out of 86,253 boinc teams worldwide which is impressive considering that we have existed for about 2 weeks. When it comes to the recent credit average, we are ranked 80th worldwide which is just extraordinary considering the little amount of members our team has.

Of our 15 members:
Gill... has first with 19,528,353 credit
grunion has second with 10,179,039 credit
bal3wolf is third with 9,218,295 credit
rico2001 is fourth with 9,106,616 credit
and I am rounding out the top 5 with 1,620,467 credit.
(note that most of the points accumulated by individuals were earned prior to OCN having the BOINC team)

Based on what I have seen, I believe that OCN has what it takes to become a top 20 team in the world of BOINC in the future. If we can be top 80 with only 15 members, imagine what 50 members can do for us!


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