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Gamers Blog 4 The Benchmarks

Well I never got to posting the benchmarks when I wanted to, but here they are finally! I am truly impressed at the raw amount of processing power increase that the Q8200 offered. Since I was coming from a P4 that was 3.24GHZ and hyperthreading to a Q8200 with 4 core @2.33GHZ, I wasn't expecting performance increases of > 4x in some applications, but here we are! As well, ATI proved to me that you don't need a power hungry GPU to process graphics, look at the 4670! Although it is not said in the benchmarking excel file, on my old P4, I was fighting to get >25fps in UT3 at 1024x768 with visuals at max and 16 bots, but now, I can get nearly Vsync on my monitor at 1280x1024 with 32 bots. Really amazing.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me in my decision making process on getting the parts for my new rig!

Now with no further interruptions, here is the BENCHMARKS!


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