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Gamers Blog 5 Fold A Thon Participate

If you have been a member of OCN for a while, you must know that Overclock.net is one of the top 10 teams in the world for Folding@Home, a distributed computing project run by Stanford University to calculate protein folding. Even if you didn't know what it is or what what did, you must of come across the name "Folding@Home" or acronyms like "F@H" or "ppd" some time or another.

This Saturday, beginning at 9:00 am, Overclock.net will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. And what better way than to do it than to do a FOLD-A-THON!?!

Please check out this link. Prizes will be awarded to every 1 in 10 members. So if 100 members participate. 10 prizes will be given out. And they are given out randomly, so it doesn't matter if you fold with a Pentium 4 or with quad 8800s, you have a 10% chance on being rewarded. Plus, even if you don't get rewarded with a prize, you will get the satisfaction knowing that you have helped advance medical science.

If that wasn't reason enough for you to do it, lemme tell you something. Cancer, it's a disease that must be stopped. It can hit anyone, doesn't matter race, color, religion, sex; it gets you. Do you want to live in a world that is Cancer free? The obvious answer is "Yes" It may seem far fetched, but by running that little piece of software called Folding@Home, you can help scientists find new treatments for stuff like Cancer, MS, Parkinson's, Heart Disease, and other fatal diseases. Imagine giving a person that is on his death bed an additional 24 hours to live. Imagine giving that 5 year old a chance to live life for a bit more. And although it will take months, or years for it to happen, WE WILL FIND A CURE! I know that this might hit personally, but w/e. Imagine if you can still hug, see, talk to your grandparents, great grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, friends that have lost their life to this evil! Imagine, that's all that I ask you to do right now; close your eyes and imagine that. It's good isn't it? So why aren't you folding? Does it sound like a stupid thing? Do you think that you cannot help? Do you think that your effort is insignificant compared to the millions of people around the world? Well guess what, it's not! Every little bit will help. There is a chance that cancer will be beaten with Folding@Home. Why not try it then? You chicken?

overclock.net 24h Fold-A-Thon - 21 March 2009
(for more info click here!!!)

After you have registered for the Fold-A-Thon, copy and paste this in your sig:

overclock.net 24h Fold-A-Thon - 21 March 2009 (for more info click here!!!)


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