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Gamers Blog 9 Overclock Boinc

Hello everyone,

if you know me or have been seeing a lot of me lately, you might have noticed some stuff in my signiture. BOINC. What is BOINC you may ask?

What is BOINC?
The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a middleware system for volunteer and grid computing. It was originally developed for the Seti@Home project.

So this is something like Folding@Home?
Yes. Except that BOINC is a collection of projects, whereas Folding@Home is just one project. With BOINC, you can choose what projects you want your computer to help out with. There are many different projects in many categories. The main categories are:
  • Biology & Medicine
  • Earth Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics & Astronomy

Why Should I care?
Why shouldn't you? Folding@Home is just one project dedicated to protein folding. Not all of us are interested in donating our CPU and GPU to protein folding. You might be interested however in helping out a different cause. You can "test the assembly of specific proteins, using appropriate fragments of better-known proteins." with Rosetta@Home, "attempt to reduce the uncertainty ranges of climate models. with Climatepredication.net, "attempt to solve the ABC Conjecture problem" with ABC@Home or "Search for megaprimes" with PrimeGrid.
Aswell, you can "use data from LIGO and GEO 600 to detect gravitational waves." with the Einstein@Home project or search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence with the most popular BOINC project (and the original) Seti@Home.
Or what if you are interested in biology, medicine AND the environment. Then maybe IBM's World Community Grid is for.

A list of all the DC projects for BOINC is available Here

Isn't BOINC forbidden from Overclock.net
Contrary to popular belief, no. We actually have a very active thread created by OCN member Gill on BOINC (here). what is forbidden (at least for the time being) is Overclock.net having a BOINC team running alongside the Folding@Home project.

What are you aiming to accomplish with this blog?
I am trying to raise awareness that there are more distributed computing applications out there than Folding@Home. I understand that F@H is the most popular DC project here, but some of us are not interested in it, or do not have powerful enough computers to make a decent contribution to it. With BOINC there are many projects for many different computer configurations. There are projects that are just wonderful for an i7 rig with 8 threads, projects that are incredible for Radeon 58xx graphics card and there are even projects that you can contribute to with a Pentium 3!

So in closing, I have to say, if you are a folder, fold for the cause. Overclock.net folding team can use the help it can get. We are #8. Let's make it into the top 5 by year end. For the rest of you that have no interest in Folding@Home or for those of you that have ATI cards and don't want to waste it with F@H, check out BOINC today.

ps. If you have any BOINC related issues or questions, check out the BOINC thread that I linked up above and myself, Gill, and the other BOINC crunchers will be happy to assist you


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