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Gaming Update 10 25 2010

After completing Dragon Age last week, I turned my attention back to Starcraft's campaign. I thought I was about halfway through, turns out I was farther along than I remembered, it was more like 3/4 done. So I wrapped it up a few days ago, completed all 26 missions on Normal. Some of the early ones were Hard, and I'm going back to try and get some of the Hard achievements now...not sure if I can get them all, that final mission was challenging even on Normal, not sure if I'm good enough to get to the end on Hard. So now I'm dabbling with the scenarios, and will probably try a skirmish or two against the AI before I try any multiplayer. If I try it at all, I should say...haven't been a big fan of multiplayer since Warcraft II days, but I guess I should at least try it.

But with the campaign finished, it was time to pick a new game in my backlog to start. Decided on Final Fantasy XIII because I wanted to play an RPG, but still can't work up the stomach to go finish Mass Effect (great RPG elements, but I hate the combat.) Only played about an hour so far, so all I can say is that it's not FF12. Not sure if I'm going to like not controlling all of the party members, that is also so non-RPG that it makes me question the designer right from the start. But it's early, I'll have to give it a chance.

I decided to stop listing iPhone games...I have half-a-dozen or so installed at any given time, and they are more side-diversions than anything I'm actually delving into.

So here's the current play list, short and sweet:
  • Starcraft II (PC)
  • Final Fantasy XIII (X360)


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