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Gaming Update 3 26 2011

Haven't done one of these in a while...not much to tell, I suppose.

I finished Batman: Arkham Asylum this week. Wonderful game, best superhero game I have ever played. And I'm old, folks...I've been playing video games for as long as there have been video games. If you haven't played this one, you should.

I'm pulling Rock Band 3 off the list. I haven't booted it in a month, I think I've lost interest now that I'm done with the guitar game (all songs 5-starred on Expert if I could, Hard if not). I'm probably not going back to do Bass or Drums, and I'm certainly not buying a keyboard. Guess I'm done for now.

Also pulling Starcraft 2. I want to play it, I feel like I should be playing it...but I really am not an online gamer, so I haven't booted it in months. I'll keep it installed, who knows.

So really, all that leaves is Final Fantasy 13 on the X360. I think I'm just going to devote my gaming time to just that one game, in no small part because I kind of want to just finish it and sell it off. I'm not going to NOT finish it, it's a mainline Final Fantasy game after all...but it is, without question, the WORST modern Final Fantasy game, and by no small amount. It will still take me another month or two probably, because I only get a few hours a week for my "fun time" stuff, and I'll be slitting game time with editing my next home movie disc. (It takes a lot of time to properly edit a 2-hour movie of your kids...I don't just dump the files to a Blu-Ray, I do legitimate editing to make the thing actually "watchable".)


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