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Gaming Update 5 8 2011

As expected, still playing FF13 primarily. I'm on the 3rd disc now and have unlocked everyone's full set of roles, so I assume I'm getting to the part where the game finally "opens up" some soon. The game still isn't doing much for me though, I expect my "worst FF ever" label to stick...I just can't see it suddenly getting so much better in the last 3rd of the game that I suddenly fall in love with it.

My mother in law has been here off and on, which keeps me out of my video game room (since it's also the guest room); so I went ahead and loaded up Bioshock 2 on the PC. As I might have expected, I had to fight Games for Windows Live first...egads, what a piece of crap that stuff is. It's unfortunate, I actually like being logged onto my Live gamertag while playing a PC game...but why can't GFWL ever just work?!?

Anyway...BS2 seems like more of the same so far, which is good since I loved Bioshock. Playing BS2 on Hard though, where I played BS1 on Normal. Maybe it's the difficulty setting, but I still think that it's crazy hard to kill that first Big Daddy, since you don't really have any good plasmids or weapons/upgrades yet. And my first Big Sisters? Yeah, okay...if I hadn't gotten her stuck on some train tracks, I would have had to rez 30 times before I chipped her down to nothing. Maybe I just suck.

On an unrelated note, I'm experiencing some remorse for not buying the Dragon Age complete pack when Steam had it on sale for $20 last Monday. I already own and finished the main game, but $20 is still a good price for Awakenings and all the DLC. I assumed I would have the whole week to make a decision, but nope...one day and it was gone. Oh well.

Current list:
  • Final Fantasy XIII (X360)
  • Bioshock 2 (PC)


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