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Gaming Update 7 25 2011

I have decided I am officially "done" with FF13. I finished all 64 missions; I upgraded my main party's weapons to tier 3 level 100; and I've taken down a Long Gui. I haven't been able to figure out a good method for Shalong Gui's, but it's not worth the headache...I don't intend to do the Treasure Hunter trophy, so I don't need the Dark Matter. I've gotten every Live achievement I can and intend to get, so buh-bye FF13.

So I'm full-bore on BioShock 2 now. I'm on vacation this week so I'll probably be able to make a decent dent in it.

I have also started Civ5, played the tutorial mode to learn what's changed since Civ4. I am..unsure...about it. I have to get used to the "no unit stacking"...I understand why they did it, but man does it change the game a lot. And they should have paid Leonard Nimoy whatever he wanted to reprise his voice acting role, I honestly think I miss that most of all! The new voices just don't stack up at all.

So current list:

Bioshock 2 (PC)
Civilization 5 (PC)


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