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Gaming Update 7 5 2011

Two months since my last post, and the list hasn't changed one bit!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

I did finally beat the FF13 story, so there has been progress. Now I'm going through all of the Gran Pulse missions, I've done 55 of (I think) 63. Also working on getting strong enough to take down Adamantortoises without resorting to Vanille's Death ability or needing a Summon to close the deal...I'm close, but not quite there. Of course, I only care about fighting them to get some Trapehezdrons, so that I can upgrade my weapons all the way, so I can do the missions easier...but I don't seem to be having too much trouble on the missions without the level 3 weapons. (Although 55, the Gigantaur, was a royal pain.) Anyway, once I finish all the missions...two weeks tops...I'll consider myself "done" with FF13.

Bioshock 2 is just sitting there unplayed for a while. Kind of wish I hadn't bough it off of someone here at OCN now, it was on the Steam summer sale for $5 yesterday. I got a great deal, I'll admit; but not $5 great!

Speaking of the Steam summer sale, I dodged a bullet. I almost pulled the trigger on Civ5 yesterday, it was 33% off as part of the 2K franchise sale. But I talked myself out of it, and lo and behold today it is 50% off! So I figured it won't get cheaper than that for a long time, may as well buy...downloading now.

So the current list is:
  • Final Fantasy 13 (PS3) (almost done!)
  • Bioshock 2 (PC)
  • Civilization 5 (PC) (probably tomorrow!)


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