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Gaming Update 8 19 2011

I finished Bioshock 2 on Hard...excellent game. Maybe not as good as the first one, but still great. Ways that it's worse than the original:
  • I hated Big Sisters for the first half of the game...it almost seemed unfair, it was impossible to fight them without dying multiple times and just wearing her down by attrition. But then I got the "freeze" plasmid and realized that it was my own suckiness that was the problem...I should have been shocking her with Electro Bolt and meleeing her from the start. So basically, for cautious gamers like me that inch into a game slowly (so that, in this case, I wasn't learning how to use plasmids fast enough and/or efficiently), these were just tough, tough battles to enjoy.
  • (Spoiler) At the end, when you have a summonable Big Sister on your side, the game became almost too easy, even the hectic climactic battles. I just summoned the Big Sister to be a grunt, Hypnotized any Alphas or Brutes that joined the fight, and then I only had to mop up the occasional splicer who got through my little army somehow and came right at me. It's not a complaint per se, I actually enjoyed the crap out of that; I'm just pointint out that it seemed almost unbalanced.
What was better than the original:
  • Not everyone agrees with this, but I liked the "protect Little Sister gathering Adam" submissions. Again, the first few were a nightmare because I didn't know "how to play the game" yet. But by the time I got Hypnotize 2, these were pretty easy too.
  • Multiplayer obviously, since the original had no multiplayer. Normally I would not list this as a plus, since I rarely play MP. But since I liked Bioshock so much I gave its MP a try, and I'm loving it. Playing for an hour more nights than not for the past week. Maybe I'll level all the way up to 40, but I doubt I'll buy the DLC that increases the cap to 50...I don't like MP that much.
I also just downloaded the Minerva's Den DLC last night. I never buy DLC, so that tells you how much I liked Bioshock 2: it's one of the rare, rare games that I want more of after the game is over. I haven't started it yet, probably will tonight.
So current list:

Still playing Civ5 of course, off and on. Played for a while last night. This is one of those games that I'll probably just play a few hours a month, but will remain on my list for a couple of years.

So the current list is:

Bioshock 2 (multiplayer and DLC) (PC)
Civilization 5 (PC)


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