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Get Your Eyes Checked My Story Of Failure To Great Success

Holy F&*^? Should I be upset or not? I've had my eyes examined a couple maybe 3-4 times throughout my life because i never felt i had the greatest eye sight however i was unable to prove it and on top of that i had a skeptical father who told me if i looked through a piece of paper with a hole in it it would train my eyes and i would have perfect eye sight. So i did what was natural and listened to him. Needless to say it got better not. I had a couple of routine eye exams throughout my life comeing back showing my eye sight was a little bit pmaybe in the area that i perhaps may or maynot benfiiit from glasses i even owned a pair or two however they did minsclue nothing. The other week i made the decision that i would have my eyes examined again. I made the trip to the standard optical down my street and was fortunate enought to get a top notch optomitrist to see me. He ran his tests blah blah .. i was throughly convinced it was the same ol ****. After he had finished he sat me down (well i was already seated) and continued to tell me i had a level 4 stigmitism in not 1 but both eyes....

eye doctor: you have a level 4 sigmatism in both of your eyes
lowkickqop: mmm... what does that mean
eye doctor... it means you cant see ****.. (not quite in those words) but close
lowkickqop: so if i get glasses it will help me see?
eye doctor: let me explain... yada yada.. you lowkickqop are a level 4 (shows me on paper how i see) a level 5 is legally blind..
lowkickqop: (im thinking at this point he is getting his point accrossed pretty well and was stunned i was able to find the place without a seeing eye dog)
eye doctor: here is with glasses.. here is without..
lowkickqop: mother f^%$ing S^$% ( i can see)

End Dialog

I have had these bad boys for a couple of weeks now.. I can tell you i cant see fooey without with. It's quite the "eye opening" expeirience from going one day not being able to see to being able to see. It may not cross your pewny mind as to seeing very poorly your entire life how it affected it but there are soo many things soo many little things which we all know everyone are actually big things.

Today i am more happy than content to be able to use my eye sight to explore so many things.

Tell me some things that you are enjoying with your eye sight.



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