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Gi Onlive Launches Games On Demand Beta

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I meant don't start flinging crap around. I feel very strongly about this subject so it's no surprised I'm vocal on it. If you don't understand that then don't bother commenting on me being active in this thread, ok?

This gives developers control over their content. The original video made by the CEO stated that you can buy games, but you must subscribe. If you stop subscribing you lose access to those games you bought. It has also been speculated that there will be queues for popular games (not on, in my opinion, but it's only speculation)

If even a fraction of the people who own PC's and consoles adopt this as their main form of gaming, developers and publishers will aggressively support OnLive with insane promotions to gather more subscribers. There's a list of devs who are onboard. I personally don't trust them and I seriously hate the idea of the subscription and losing games I paid for.

Even their title on their website makes me sick "The Future of Gaming" hopefully not.

I hope for the love of all that is right in this world that this becomes nothing more than a Gametap.
Thanks for the rep, and i'm glad to see that some people here make great posts.


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