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Girls And Quot Modeling Quot

Well lets get some things out of the way:

1. I'm 27 years old.
2. Married for six years.
3. I have two young daughters.

Since when was it that every female in there 20's wanted to be a model. I find it interesting because my generation seems to all be obsessed with "image". I can't begin to tell you how mad it makes me.

I'm going to hurt some feelings here, so if you can't handle it (meaning you're a female) then leave now.

Every-time I'm on facebook I see another picture of a female in her 20's wearing her underwear (sometimes less than that). Now last I checked, these are the same females that say they want to be treated like "a lady" but yet you leave nothing to the imagination.

I remember not to long ago, I was like most guys;...I was a squirrel trying to get a "nut". It seems like between my high School years and now, every females is showing all that they have online FOR FREE. But yet when a guy approaches them, they start talking about; "You're not gettin' any,...You betta treat me like a lady, Marriage,..etc. EXCUSE ME MISS! wasn't that you shaking your arse on youtube last week in a pink thong. So how is it possible to have the guts to post your video online and yet when you're approached, you start to act like I've got to pay to "get some".

Money makes the panties drop
So the way I see it. These girls want a career in modeling. So for a "fee" they'll get undressed and allow someone to take pictures.


Then that same female will proudly, parade those same pictures all over the internet. BUT if a guy takes a picture of them on his camera phone...WHILE SHE'S WEARING "clothes" (I use that term loosely) that same female is ready to kill someone. So what kind of logic is that? For a "fee" you'll allow a stranger to take pictures of you naked/semi naked, but a guy with a camera phone taking pictures of you with "clothes on" causes a problem?

Low self esteem
It's one thing to be an ugly duckling and then all of a sudden you have a child (out of wedlock) and now you've got this body that YOU MUST SHOW OFF. That's a totally different blog (I'll get to that eventually), but if you choose to pursue a modeling career, how can you honestly expect a guy to treat you like a lady?

Please read this slowly..A guy will treat you based on the way you continually carry yourself. If you are wearing clothes so tight that they're painted on,... then he will treat you like a stripper. But if you're wearing a power suit, there's no way in heck a guy will approach you like a stripper. Your clothing demands respect.

Honestly whom would you respect more a female doctor in some scrubs or a prostitute wearing a body suite and heavy makeup? You would talk to them the same way would you?

In Closing
This bothers me because my 4 year old daughter likes watching Americas next top model with her aunts and mother. She's already sitting with her legs crossed, demanding to have her hair done weekly and her nails done. Her aunts think it's "cute" but as a father, I'm cutting that crap out now. She's already starting to think that "being a model" is the "best thing to be". I like looking at attractive females as much as the next guy. But when everywhere I turn I see another female (regardless of skin color) wearing her underwear. It starts to get old really quick. Especially since my daughter is starting to think "it's fun".

So if you're a model/computer chick and I offended you. I only have this to say: That's not possible! If you're smart enough to understand "Go to the system 32 folder on your computer and delete all the .dll files in there". Then you're smart enough to know that you don't need to have naked pictures of yourself all over the globe in order to be attractive. For example Nixie Pixel is an attractive "techie girl" that can "get shagged" by any guy (or girl) on overclock.net. Her intelligence is what's attractive (her looks (especially her face) only adds to her appeal). Not the fact that she's wearing her underwear and talking about nonsense.

One last thing, please stop acting like you're really surprised that guys only want to have sex. Now that you're showing off 75% of what they want. They'll try even harder to get to the other 25% and then move on to the next "aspiring model".

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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