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God Dammit

STUPID roommates!!!!!!!
STUPID purolator!!!!!!!

So anyway, I phoned purolator the other day, because their website showed that the shipment had left NY, and I figured that they had sent it air (because it isn't that big of a package, and lets face it, air is becoming almost as cheep as freight, for light small things). However they told me that it wouldn't be in until tues or wed next week.
As you may have read a bit ago, I was mad at the fact that it was going to take so long......
SO ANYWAY, my computer showed up TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Except it came at 9 (I leave for work at 9) and I missed it, then my roommates tried to phone me and let me know about it, but I was out on a call, and the idiots didn't leave a message. I then got home at 6:15 and my roommates gave me the message that it came at 7 (they closed at 6:30)

so I phoned to find out when they were open next.....

MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...

So the computer I wanted to get by this weekend to put it together, and then found out that it wouldn't be here, so I then was sad, but resigned to making the computer next weekend. then I found out that it was HERE decided that I would build it this weekend, then found out that I can't get it until monday............

God Dammit.


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