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Good News And Bad News

OOOOOO, there's a blog O.o

Well taking care of people sick with the flu for my spring break.

Meant to do something for me during my time off, but I guess life has other plans haha.

Characteristically I catch something at the least opportune time, at the end of my break. Which is just dandy, I love how I make doing that a habit .

Doctor had some heartening news though:
"Good news is you don't have the flu.
But looking at the back of your throat, you have a nasty virus of some sort."
GREAT, I expose myself to a strain of flu not in the flu shots, go out of my way to catch it early, and spend nearly a week doing so and for what? I catch a virus!
If I didn't find the situation so funny, I think I'd be mad.

But on the other hand, I get to say "I caught a virus before my computer for once!"

Well I got prescribed something to the effect of "liquid Lortab" which basically means I have something besides Benadryl to help me sleep at night ^_^


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