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Government A Poem

With all the insanity that's been going on in the world. I felt compelled to write a poem dedicated to Government.

Ok here we go....

I work hard to protect my family. But if I shoot a trespasser, I'm sent to prison. You say I should have let that trespasser take what I worked for, harm my family and you (government) will take care of that trespasser eventually.

I work hard to buy the things my family needs. But if I don't let you know about every penny I make, you (government) takes everything I worked for away.

If I sell my car, to my neighbor I must pay you, (government).

If I say that I'm late to the hospital for my dying mothers final words. You government arrest me for speeding.

If I say that I want to serve my country. You (government) send me to another persons country to take control of it. But yet my own country still needs my help.

You (government) say that you are here to protect me. but yet you kill more people directly than any other.

I return from "serving my country" alone. My platoon is all dead. And you (government) casts me away like dirty diapers. And yet my country STILL HASN'T BEEN SERVED.

I say to you government "PLEASE HELP ME,..I need!"... and you turn away and say; "Go to some charity or church, I'm to busy".

So please government. What have you done for me?

Corporations have more influence over you than I do.

Foreign nations own 78% of the business in this country, and yet you (government) won't give me a loan to open my own business in this country.

You (government) give rewards to business that send jobs over seas, but yet we here are dying for work.

You (government) say that "we the people". But yet, We the people don't say nothing to you,...government.

So again I ask,...What have you done for me government?


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