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Gtx 480 Et Al

pop POW!! went the 750watt PSU

so glad nothing else was damaged. It was obviously the PSU. When i took off the side panel it was too hot to handle. After it cooled off and fretting with it (it seemed undamaged when i took it apart) i put my Obsessive Compulsive talent to work on shopping for a new PSU.

Found a nice 1000watt modular PSU for $80 incl shipping. Arrived on the third day (and my Crocs i ordered the day before are still in transit) and was a pleasure to install. Going with the HR Giger look.

Everything cranked up fine and as i suspected the errors coming from some of the HDDs must have been a power flow problem as i have eight drives running now without any problems.

Next is water cooling. The hurricane fan i installed in the Cooler Master V8 just wasn't worth the effort to rewire it for speed control and i re-installed the stock fan, but once i find a nice water block ... heheheh it will be ON like Cheech and Chong!

BTW.. the gtx 480 flat SMOKES.. the only application i have that will strain it below 60fps is Crysis and even then it's 37fps (all settings enthusiast) with a $#|+ load going on.

Enjoy your flight


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