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Guide Counter Strike Tips

Hey, after a good session of playing counter strike I think i'll post up some tips for you guys on how to get a bit better. This can help players of all ability, but don't bash me for telling you something you already know, when your a pro.

General tips:
  • Don't run out firing everywhere, small controlled bursts are far more accurate and get greater damage
  • Try to avoid using the big guns such as the M249 Machine Gun, start with the assault rifles such as the FAMAS, M4, AK47 and Galil. These will help you be better all around.
  • Be stealthy, the crouch key is very important in this game, crouching with your head poking around a corner is a good way to hide yourself as much as possible while shooting, standing full on in the middle of a hallway shooting will do nothing but get you killed.
  • If you insist on using a sniper rifle, use the Scout. The AWP is a 1 hit kill weapon, if you only use this then you'll fail when your on a Scout only server and you need to be accurate. Once you've mastered the scout, if you really want you can try the AWP. But I don't accept responsability for people calling you a noob when you use it.
  • Play intelligently, If your searching for the last guy and your teammate is shooting somewhere or getting hit, then use your brain and calculate the most likely place the enemy will be. A good example is if an teammate stops and throws a grenade or fires, this usually indicates enemy activity. Use this to your advantage to locate the enemy forces and tactically work out a good shooting spot to take them down.
  • Finally, be patient. This game takes a lot of time and skill to become good. Don't expect to launch the game for the first time and get right into it with the big boys. Don't get angry and take note of the good things you do and build on them. Don't take the things you do wrong and get so angry you want to punch your monitor.
My Recommended weapons from each class:

Terrorist = Red
CT = Blue
Both = Green

Underlined = Best overall

Desert Eagle (Deagle)



M3 Non-Auto

Sub Machine guns:



That concludes my mini-guide to CSS. If you have any questions or want any special tips then just reply to this blog, so everyone can see your questions and my answers can benefit everyone.



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