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H2o Cooling Is Speeeeeeeeennnnnnnsive

Well today I decided that I'm going to invest in a full on water cooling system.

So out with the H50. I still like the idea of an H50 but I been bit by the h2o bug and only building an h2o system of my very own can cure the bug.

So what do I need.

CPU block- I've decided on an EK LT block for the AM3 since it covers most modern AMD platforms including my AM3 platform.

GPU- Well given that I'm going to run dual 5770s'(unless the 5870 takes a dramatic price dump which is doubtful) there are not many options for h2o for this GPU. EK is the only manufacturer to build a 5770 only cooler. The rest of the coolers available are just chipset cooling. You have to compliment it with a RAM cooler. Which is fine if you don't care about aesthetics, but I do and so I'd rather keep it all in one device. Well two really at this point.

Pump(s) OCZ has a solid 800 l/h pump that is the same platform as the Danger Den block pumps. I'm going to do two. In my HAF 932 I have plenty of spots to put them. But I'm going to keep it simple and put one up high above the MoBo using the included PSU brackets for support and the other one will be at the bottom of the 5.25" bays feeding itself from the Res.

Res- XSPC 5.25" bay Reservoir. It has a nice brushed stainless face plate in two colors. Black and Silver. I'm going with the black since it compliments my case and doesn't stand out. Only the coolant will draw your eye to the Res. since it's Blood Red in color.

Rad(s)-Going 2 ways at the same time here. 1st is a top mount Black Ice Pro II 240. The second is the MagicCool-ExtremeQuad480 which will be mounted on the door of my HAF. Since it mounts up to the same footprint as 4x 120mm fans(which CM thankfully planned out) this the perfect spot for it and I don't have to cut the case to mount it.

Radiator Fans-Yate Loon HS 120mm Red LED fans. Simple explanation is that Red Black White is my color scheme. These fit the bill in every way and with a solid fan controller should be able to go to minimum speed for quietness and still be able to max out for intense gaming and OC sessions.

I'll be mating everything together with BitsPower hardware. Their black and green stuff. All compression fittings in 1/2x3/4 fitted to white Feser UV reactive hose. And filled with PrimoChill Blood Red coolant.

I haven't decided whether or not I'll be running temp controllers or flow meters. I probably will though. If anyone knows of some decent components that fit this lemme know. this is my first venture into h2o so any help sent my direction would be much appreciated.

I plan to run a single loop system with no T fittings anywhere except for possibly my drain. And I haven't figured out whether I should leave room for air expansion or if it would run fine with minimum expansion.

So setup: CPU-Pump-240-Res-Pump-GPU-480-CPU loop. I think this would work on gravity principles but being a n00b to h2o, I have no idea.

Now setup. I plan on dry mounting the blocks(CPU & GPU) and measuring, cutting and dry fitting the setup together before one drop of coolant enters the system. Having every fitting being a compression fitting should simplify the build. However I do plan to tub test the system using distilled h2o. Now there are two ways that I know of to do this.

1. Trick the PSU into supplying the power to run the pumps via the fan controller which will be supplying the power.

*Since each pump is rated to 18 volts and the Lamptron FC-3 is rated to 40 volts I should be able to run the pumps in series. And still have 3 connections available for my fans.*

2. I have an old MoBo that has a Sempron Chip in it and I have old DDR Ram handy so I can run that via cardboard box with the PSU still in the HAF and the controller hooked up to the pumps. So only one the bay pump and the Res will still be in the case.

Everything else will be in the tub being leak tested and once I'm satisfied that everything is satisfactory everything goes into place.

So if anyone has any handy tips that I haven't thought of please don't hesitate to comment. I hope to to add pics soon. Even if its just of parts as I get them. I can't wait this should be a helluva experience.



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