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Halo Pc Custom Edition Map Making

I use to play this game tons. I mean to the point where I was almost always in the top 3, I never got quite into ranked matches though I was in a Mapmaking/HeavyWeapons clan. It was Clan Necrosis, we used the tag {NcS}~
I was {NcS}~Bladez. They made 2 maps I believe, we intended to make more and they were teaching me the basics of it but I was too ignorant and young to sit still for long and learn that. The heads of the clan ended up starting on a game as they were fluent in C++ and 3DS Max's usage. However that fell through and the clan also stopped playing matches... It dissappeared from the face of the interwebs... All save for our Xfire tags and profiles in Halo PC...

It's been a good 2 years... I'm in college now, and happen to be in a 3D animation class using Lightwave. I sudden urge arose in me and as soon as I got out of class I shoved that flash drive in the usb port and started downloading tutorials and lucky for me I found much better ones then were available two years ago. I am now using Gmax as I no longer have 3DS Max, i never thought I'd need it again. No matter, I am now working on learning to make maps and intend to make grand ones in the future. When I do, I will let you all know, those of you who still love the classic Halo PC and Halo Custom Edition.
Epic battles here I come


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