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Hama "uRage" Gaming Mice

I've been looking for some less popular gaming mice because I think a lot of Razer, SteelSeries, etc. stuff is overpriced and you end up paying for the name. I've already had a good experience with a cheaper Chinese brand A4Tech, and although I wasn't able to find a small enough mouse from them for fingertip grip, the build quality and sensor were fine (and it cost a lot less than comparable Logitech products for example) thumb.gif

So anyway, I found out that a German PC accessory manufacturer hama is making gaming mice as well. Their newest offering is uRage Reaper:


According to the spec sheet, it's got everything gamers usually want: Avago 3090 sensor, 1,000 Hz polling rate, Omron switches, Teflon feet, weights, all that jazz. The price on manufacturer site is 50 euro (~66 dollars) though, which is pretty high, so no reason to go for a less-known manufacturer here.

Since I'm looking for a small, light, fingertip grip mouse I was a lot more interested in their "uRage Mobile" though:

It's got teflon feet and rubber grips which is good I suppose, but I wasn't able to find neither its dimensions nor the weight ANYWHERE. The only proper reviews which don't rehash what was said on hama site are in German, but they don't seem to have any info about sensor, size, or weight either. Its MSRP is 25 euro which is a lot better.

hama's original mouse from uRage series is called simply "uRage" (lol), a rather cheap (20 euro, might be even cheaper at retailers) and it seems to have very positive reviews on amazon.co.uk:

This thing seems rather long, so clearly not for finger / claw though. Miss again.

I'd appreciate any comments from OCN users who have used one of these hama uRage mice, especially if someone can tell me the size of uRage Mobile.

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I like large mice, and I might give them a look. Unfortunately, I need a mouse with tons of buttons for editors (production speed), as even though I have long fingers, there are only so many keys I can reach from the left side of the keyboard, and I found testing the razer naga (in particular, the molten one) really improved my efficiency, though I didn't like it that well for gaming. Not only that, I refuse to buy one I'm talking about was a friends, and hes had to RMA it twice. I have never trusted razer's quality, and I want to find an alterative that wont break the bank.
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