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Hard Drives Youve Lost My Trust

This weekend, I went through a broad range of emotions. On one side, I was pretty happy because attended not one but two interesting social happenings, one of which was very well stocked up in booze and therefor very entertaining. I also was very proud of myself, because over the previous week, I had received about 5 cheques in recognition for my work on a forum I built for a small RV community, but despite all this, something happened on Sunday that totally broke all my weekend, and even continues to be felt this week. On the same day, on two different machines, two hard drives experienced HDSDS (Hard Drive Sudden Death Syndrome). I don't know why it happened, nor do I know how, but what I do know is that the incident rendered useless two boxes, one of which was my second best folder, PPD is estimated to drop by at least 300 points. That's only FAH... I haven't yet figured what files I've lost and what files are backed up on my server, but I'm loosing all my apps and savegames for sure.

As a result of this, the first part of this week has sucked hard. Not only am I sad of my loss, but this incident has gotten me very paranoid about my disk drives, and if I could, I'd RAID1 all the friggin drives on all 5 computers in this house.

Over the past month, I've been witness to 3 cases of HDSDS: the first one being only a minor loss, a 20 gig Maxtor which used to be used as shared storage for my dad's files, files which where luckily transfered to another drive hosted on my server something like 6 days before the drive passed away, and now a Seagate 7200.10 320 gig SATA and a WD 80 gigger are added to the list. The thing that bothers me most is the Seagate, not only because it was the OS drive of my sig rig, but also because I've never had a Seagate fail on me before, and I was confident that it wouldn't happen.

How can drive in apparent tip-top condition give it's last spin after only a year of use? The thought that ANY hard drive can die at ANY time without warning has me gotten seriously paranoid about my storage pratices. What if all my other non-redundant (all of them) drives were to break down right now, bringing with them my father's music collection and family pics, aswell as my own? I'm guessing this is a totally random thing... I've seen 12 year old, 90% uptime SCSI drives still kick it strong after use and abuse, and now a modern, quieter, cool, more efficient drive fails 1200% faster? Not cool. Into who do I but my trust now? Can any drive at all be trusted when it isn't redundant? I' not sure, and serious, the perspective of loosing another drive freaks me out.

I've contacted Seagate yesterday as well as today, and I'll be starting the RMA process online tonight, and after that, it's Western's turn. In the meanwhile, both machines are running in super emergency mode off of Knoppix (Klaus Knopper, I want your babies!), and probably are going to stay like that for.... two weeks? Yup, unless Seagate RMA is super fast.



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