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Harvest Is In Full Swing

Well our harvest is pretty close to 3 weeks late this year so I have been working like a mad man for the past month. large amounts of rain have delayed things. (over 6" in some spots)
I have seen some funny things since I started in this industry however what happend yesterday was what brought me to share it with you.

I was called by a customer who was out in the combine and his auto steer was not working right. So I got the directions and went out to the field to take a look at it. upon my arrival I found the combine parked and the customer sitting inside waiting. When I climbed in he asked what took me so long to get there (he is 110 miles away...do the math on that) I told him that I left right after we talked. he is 84 years old and has been farming all of his life... and see a lot change over the years.. he is using a $500,000 combine with GPS auto steer.
and he told me that the auto steer just stopped working and he has been waiting for me to get there to fix it. I said "what did you do before auto steer?" he said "I don't want to drive it because I have become used to sitting in the cab with my arms crossed listening to talk radio." poked around changed some settings back to the way they should have been and he was off and running. (could have fixed it over the phone but he is affraid of the buttons.) After I left I got to thinking has todays tech made us that dependant, that if it stops working we can get buy doing it the old fashioned way? what are your thoughts on this?


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