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Hating My Latin

So, as a scholar on a scholarship in a Catholic High School - its required for me to take 2 languages. Latin is a mandatory language for us.

I chose Latin (no choice) and Spanish.
I find Spanish to be ALOT of fun, my teacher is great. I can do entire story (5-8 paragraphs) in Spanish.

Latin is a whole different story.
In the beginning of the school year - basically you have to jump, grab onto, and hold onto the subjects which will carry you through the year as I see it. Latin - some kids caught it, some didnt. I completely missed obviously.

My teacher is an 80 year old fart who happens to be GREAT friends with my great uncle and my cousin who went through the same classes as me. Problem is - he is the slowest and most cross eyed person Ive ever seen. He's too old for this.

Basically, every day we have his class (3 times a week) - we take a test. These tests are everything we do in a single chapter. We do a chapter a day.

He teaches extremely slowly. He starts off with a prayer (being he is a brother of the le sallian catholic group), and then goes on a rant about life lessons. These lessons are actually quite good as he explains like how we as students have to prioritize ourselves and what not. As "the most important subject is YOU, yourself!" I like that..... Problem is, once he starts teaching its probably the hardest thing to do - pay attention.

Ive never had a problem like this, even if I do pay attention.... I just DONT get it. Not a single bit. I can read several books teaching Latin including Latin for Dumbies and still not understand it. Its the dumbest thing.

Most of it, hate to say it, has to fall on the teacher. Maybe I would understand it if he actually taught a little better.

Like I said before, test everyday. He knows how hard this must be as if you get below an 80 - you can retake the test after school and get a maximum of 80. Ive done this for almost every test so far. My midterm I scored a 48!!!!! He bumped me to a 65 - passing..... He is nice is a way but seriously.... needs to move on from teaching.The entire class cheats in some way. I refuse to cheat - sometimes Ill give an answer or 2 to myself by writing it down on paper before the test because sometimes there is just so much we need to take and just spit out on the paper within 10 minutes..... but not like putting the book next to my desk where he cant see it or writing the entire lesson on my arm or paper.

I understand he must be trying to give, give, give as much as he can in his life for the benefits of us - the students. Either that or the school cant find another latin teacher -.-

But, he is just too old. Ive done so great throughout school my entire life and this old bag is screwing everything I worked for up.


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