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Help Me Overclock My 790i Ultra Rig

I was finally able to build myself a new rig and ive been trying to get it overclocked really well.
Heres what i got in my rig.
Vista ultimate.
EVGA 790i ultra mobo
Intel Q9550 quad core cpu
6 gigs of OCZ Reaper HPC DDR3 1333 (pc3 10666)
2x Evga 7900 GTX Ko's
Coolermaster real power pro 1000w psu. sli certified.
Asus v-60 92mm vapo bearing cpu cooler.

im just getting back into overclocking alot again, so im a bit rusty with some of the new stuff.
I havent tried going crazy with Ocing the processor yet. I ve got it running stable at 3.2ghz and temps seem to be between 49-58 C depending on the cpu load. Ive been thinking of gettin a better cpu fan ,but not sure what to get atm.
The main problem ive been having seems to be Ram related.
I updated the mobo bios which were supposed to fix alot of ram issues but im still having trouble.
For some reason the mobo is saying the ram is 1066 ram instead of 1333. and it sets the voltage automatically to 1.5 volts instead of 1.75 which ocz states on the site.
I upped the voltage to 1.75 and the ram to 1333 mhz and got it stable, but not at the advertised 6-6-6-20 timings. i had to set the timings to 7-7-7-22-2t to get them stable at the supposed stock settings. Not sure whats up with that. Im still trying to get used to Overclocking again, so i havent wanted to take too many chances.
If anyone is familiar with my setup and has any recommendations on CPU fsb settings,voltages, or memory voltages ,timings etc. Please give me your input. Im sure i can get alot more performance out of this board,but for now basically ive messed with the settings that im familiar with and set most of the others that im not to sure about on "auto" in the bios.
Please any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.
Thanks guys.


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