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Hey Boss Whats Wrong

I work at a hardware store for now. I do customer service for general things

A while back, I was in Seasonal Department where we sold seasonal items like Christmas stuff, Lawn mowers for summer, patio heaters for winter, etc. The Department manager for Seasonal is Christy, she was pretty cool (Or so I thought!). We got along real well, she assigned work, I did it. She assigned work to other guys, they didn't do it.. She gave it to me, I got it done. Someone was lazy, I got them to do work, she noticed it and was happy.

Things were all cool till something wierd happens. We get a new store manager and Zone manager (Zone is between Store MGR and Department MGR, kinda like assistant).. Then after a few weeks I am approached and I'm told I don't work hard enough and I'm not motivated? I kind of lol'd it off because I was kinda the best guy on the south side of the store (I would say entire, but there is one guy who works on the other side of the store, he does bust his ass pretty hard). I thought this guy was a lunatic. Then suddenly my Department manager whom I thought had a great relationship with... now suddenly doesn't like talking to me. She gives me the same work but never really thanked me, never really said 'Hi' or anything friendly.. its like I've now become one of the lazy ones and was an *******? Two weeks later, I'm offered a full time position (I needed the hours) but in a different department. I get moved to Electrical which is fine cus now I get full time pay etc..

Well now Christy who is no longer my manager (since I am now in a new department) refuses to talk to me as if we are enemies. I have never bad-mouthed this woman and I do not understand what I could have possibly done to upset a person so. I now work under a guy that she does despise (my new manager hates my old one, and vise-versa)...

Does she now hate me because she KNEW that I was leaving the department?

I have her cell number as does she (has mine) I was considering throwing her a text saying something like "hey just curious as to why you no longer speak to me and seem to dislike me, was it something I said or did? just curious I wont hold it against you"

What do you think?


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