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Hey Lets Get This Thing Started

Well I was fiddling around the site tonight (this morning?) and I came across this. Figured, "Hey, lets give it a shot! Lets let people that wont care and probably wont read have a gander at the inner Clinic!"

Well here it is. The dirty truth.


There, I said it. Thats the first step, right? Admitting you have a problem?

Well anyways. I need to stop buying computer stuff people. I have an HD3870 coming in from microman (if it ever shows =P) to give me some crossfire and after that and finishing modding this case, I think I'm going to call it quits. This is more computer than I could need for the next 2 years I am willing to bet.

Besides, I have other frivolous things I could be spending my hard earned dinero on.

Like motorcycles

Yep, theres my little thing that I've been meaning to do, and is more healthy than computers (well, maybe not healthy, but I will definately get a better tan). It will/would be my first street bike, and I'm thinking of something along these lines:

Suzuki SV650SF

GSX600R (a little more bike than I am comfortable with, but I would make do ).

Yamaha YZF-R6 Another more than I need, but I'd make it work.

And a Kawasaki 6RR, but the sites not working right now.

These would be used preferably (not a drug dealer =P), so it would really come down to what I could afford used in decent condition. Oh yeah, and without getting taken advantage of from the rear by insurance. But thats a given anyways. Might as well lube up and enjoy it as much as I can.

Well thats what has been going through the mind of Clinic these days. Interesting, no?
Been kicking ass in work. I'm a Line Cook (the dude that cooks your food for you when you go out to eat at a restaurant) and Im probably coming up on a raise here soon due to my performance. Which is always cool.

Thanks for readings (or not).

See you in the forums!


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