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Holy Dog Farts And More Nonsense

Spendthrift Spazz Spews Up Some Specs continued.

This is an interesting time to be building a new high-end machine. The 3870x2 is out and as fast as an Ultra, but we're still waiting on working crossfire drivers. If I go that route, that means I have to (get to) rethink the motherboard, GPU blocks (the EKs look nice), and possibly other issues. The 9800GX is coming out mid-March, and it looks to be faster than the 3870x2, but who knows yet. If I go that route, I have to pick a different power supply, since the PC Power and Cooling 1KW-SR doesn't include 8-pin PCIe connectors. Or I can just jump the gun on the Ultras -- but that's silly. If I can get equal or better performance from crossfire 3870x2, why would I spend hundreds more on the Ultras? Verdict: Wait a few more weeks.

I've finally looked up some RAID comparisons and holy dog fart I didn't think RAID 5 write speed was that bad. The bump from three disks to four didn't make a dent. This does kill the idea for me, so I'm back to Raid 0 or Raid 0+1. The N-disk Raid 0 is really impressive, scaling up very linearly.

It seems likely that if I don't stick with my Ultras that my heat output will increase and put my single PA 120.3 well past the saturation point. The question is whether or not to use dual loops, and no matter how I wrap my head around it, I can't see how it can be better. If loops reach an equllibrium temperature of no more than 1C difference between two points of the loop, this means a dual loop at best shaves 1C off the GPU blocks. What I'm really saying is I suspect radiators in sequence can handle peak heat better. An example, let's say loop 1 has gotten very hot and rad 1 is saturated, but rad 2 in loop 2 is underworked. If those same rads were in sequence, rad 2 would clear out the excess that rad 1 could not dissipate in its own loop. So, one loop, two rads, one reservoir and drain, and one pump or two, since they work well in sequence.

Anyhow, maybe one radiator would be sufficient if I put six San Ace's on them in push/pull? But it'd be like living next to the airport. Two radiators pretty much kills the TJ07 if I want them internal, which means eyeballing MountainMods, but I still think making my own design could be fun: two desktops, a desktop under-carriage, or a mid-tower sidecar.

I've also been taking a closer look at the CrystalFontz LCD. I'm thinking of getting a 635 with SCAB and putting together my own water temp sensors. I had been looking at JC's worklog which told me it could be done, but then when I saw Martin make his own that pretty much sells it. So the AeroCool FP-01 is out. To replace the card reader, I'll get Lian Li's 55-card adapterless reader, which was on my original buy list.


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