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Hostilespace Annoys Me Once More

So I've been playing HostileSpace off and on forever now well since back around 2000 anyways. It's a pretty good game for a free 2D MMORPG Space game. Trust me it's more fun than it sounds.

It used to be you'd login and have around 70-80 people on any server either PvPing in the badlands, laming bosses for phat lewt or other cool/fun stuff. But the creator of HostileSpace, Blitz, has since removed and reworked almost everything so much that tons of players have quit over the years and now we're left with between 5-10 people online. Barely enough to do anything with. The people that do play are either Normal players or total mental handicaps with the split being about 50/50.

Blitz, HostileSpace 1.0 Final was great!!! HostileSpace 2.0 rev 5 is utter poo. Why don't you go back to the stuff that brought you hundreds of dollars a month and a large player base? Sigh.. well hopefully he keeps working on it and brings it back to what it was or makes it better.

If you've never tried the game, it's free to play. It's pretty entertaining for a game that was made to run on Pentium IIs.


P.S. I'm going back to WoW, sigh


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