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Hot Hot Hot

Wow, looks like my temperatures are on the rise after this BIOS update. Coincidence? Maybe, but idk, but I kinda doubt it.

Get this, I started up my computer this morning and got tied up doing something else for about 3 hours. So it's idling, right? Should be about 43C like normal, right? WRONG!!! 55C CORE TEMPERATURE!!! ***!!!

It takes 10 minutes of all the fans full blast, including an external fan, to get everything down to what idle temperature was before. I don't know what is going on, but I'm getting mad as hell now. I have no idea why this should change, the ambient is the same, there is only ~30% of cpu activity according to Task Manager.

I'll take and reseat the heatsink after I clean up everything. But I'll deal with this later when I get up, I'm just to tired right put up with this right now and I've been up for 25 hours.

Until later.


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