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How Do You Ask For Help

So this is my first entry and not being much of a social animal forgive me for my failings.

How do you ask for help?

I've never really given that thought much thought, strange really.

If you look at your life you can see people helping you in many ways or ways you've helped someone else, thing is most of those ways are small and seem insignificant, so insignificant most people don't even see them.

The person holding the door for you because you happen to be just close enough behind or in front of them to enter their notice. The driver letting you merge onto the highway when the traffic is heavy. The person in the shopping line in front of you that lets you go first because you have 2 items to their 12.

Everyone can look at their experiences and see small ways they have helped someone or have been helped.

But really, how do you ask for help when you really need it?

Have you ever put much thought into that idea before? Maybe it's time you did, I know it's time I did, I don't have a choice, I know I can't do it on my own.

I have a sick child to care for.


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