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How on EARTH Do I Build a Computer?? >>beginners guide>>


In case you just wandered in here thinking 'this place looks nice.. if a bit weird'
This is.. OCN.. OVERCLOCK.NET.. here people usually talk about computers.. computer building and much more!

Perhaps you thought Computer Building might be your kind of thing, but also thought it was 'not for the faint hearted'.. well, like anything
no one expects you to know everything on the first day..it takes time. And as this is a hobby you can learn as little or as much as you like.. no need to keep up with the trends if something is no longer fun!.. I myself.. used a program called Virtualbox for many years and enjoyed it, when I stopped enjoying it, i stopped using it. yes.

So without further 'a-do'.. here are the basics.

a computer has 9 main components

a Computer Case
a Power Supply Unit (PSU)
a Motherboard (Mobo)
a Central Processing Unit (CPU)
a Random Access Memory (RAM)
a Graphics Card (GPU)
a Hard Disk Drive, also known as a Solid State Drive (HDD or SSD)
a CD Drive, known as an Optical Drive, can also be for DVD's.
Some cooling fans.

The cooling fans are for the computer to stay cool, computers hate heat and do not like to be in an enclosed space.. think of a hot day and you have left the car windows shut and put something valuable upon the dash in the sun.. in this case the valuable things are the insides of your computer.

a computer has some minor components (parts)

a PC Powercable
a DVI or HDMI cable
a Keyboard
a Mouse

and a Screen.. which is a monitor or TV.

the main components fit together like jigsaw, you put parts in slots like you would a kind of puzzle game. all except the hard drive and the optical drive which are fitted instead to the case.

the parts need to match each other, which is a more complicated thing to learn.. but don't worry! buying bundles on eBay helps you get started.. like most people on here.. myself included, I sometimes buy bundles. and of course, once you have a bundle, a case and PSU, the parts above, OCN members are always here to help.

On a side note, I am seeing more and more female members around. OCN is NOT a men only club smile.gif

This is an introduction to a series of 3 lessons I will be giving.



*(in the programming subforum)

Lesson 1: http://www.overclock.net/a/how-on-earth-do-i-build-a-computer-lesson-1
Lesson 2: http://www.overclock.net/a/how-on-earth-do-i-build-a-computer-lesson-2
Lesson 3: http://www.overclock.net/a/how-on-earth-do-i-build-a-computer-final-lesson-3

A big thanks to guero810. all credit for the pics go to him.

Comments (4)

Just a noob here, but let me suggest the following stuff that was not self-evident:

(1) Power supply is often abbreviated PSU. Not self-evident.
(2) Motherboard is often abbreviate Mobo. Another abbreviation not evident to the uninitiated.
(3) RAM is not 'random access module' but "Random Access Memory"
(4) Graphics cards are often abbreviated GPU. Again, another confounding acronym.

you could have just PM'd me with this I'd of fixed it..

I will fix this anyways.

Picky, picky, picky, you have to be slightly familiar with acronyms or you shouldn't be building, besides, if I run into anything I don't understand, I just ask. I think your doing a great job intrducing the "build process". Keep up the good work.
It's a nice guide, but you shouldn't say that an HDD is also known as a SSD since they are two different things that simply serve the same purpose.
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