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How To: Extract Your Windows 8/8.1 Key (All Editions) embedded in the BIOS.

Download WOLF from my site: http://www.bytemedev.com/wolf/

Run the program.

Go here:

Easy peasy.


Old Way (Click to show)
Quick trick, the key is stored in memory under the ACPI/MSDM Tables.

Now reading it is the hard part, eventually WOLF will do this for you no questions, but until it does, it requires a memory reading utility.

For this, I used RWEverything Utility.

The author has made a very nifty program.

Instructions are simply, when the program loads for your OS version (32/64-bit), you click the ACPI shortcut up top.

Then choose MSDM. If your key is available, it's in a simple string.

Note: You can still be unlucky in the fact that Windows 8 uses more letters in its product keys than Windows 7. IF you are downgrading and get the invalid character message, you have to contact MS to get it activated.

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I noticed the headline typo after submit, contacting a mod for an edit.
Lol! It's given me co-author status. All I did was fix the title..OK?
I will update this How-To article when I release WOLF v0.2.6.
Nice. I like it. Simple and quick.

I've always used Belarc for ripping Win keys, but this looks much faster.

I have used Belarc myself, it doesn't detect BIOS product keys though I don't think.
guys good work on the program and it is something I need. I sent a friend request on FB asking if this will work on a usb boot drive with no os installed as I would need to pull the key from the bios in the process of repairing the motherboards.
It currently only works on a windows environment. I maybe able to create a WinPE option, where it may work in a Windows PE environment (which can be bootable by USB drive.)

At this time I have no plans to push that.

You can always just install Win8/7 via an ISO and run this program while in Trial so you can activate after the fact.
Very nice program thanks
Overclock.net › How To's › How To Extract Your Windows 8 8 1 Key All Editions Embedded In The Bios