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How To Get Into Dropship

Getting into dropship is not as hard as you imagine. Like you do anything else, there are three simple steps to start this kind of business method, that is, preparation, startup, and maintenance.

First step: preparation
1. Be clear about what you wanna do. Don’t wobble in different choices. That easily causes hesitation and failure. Make a goal and stick to it all the time.
2. If you don’t have adequate knowledge about what you are gonna do, spend time to study it. You could learn from books, seasonal people or online materials.
3. Make sure you could access to any resource you need. Lack of source in other two steps leads to bad impression on your customers as well as your employees.

Second step: startup
1. Seek out wholesale products suppliers who also support dropship and open accounts with them. No matter for <a href="http://www.actfind.com/">reasonably-priced wholesale electronics</a>, apparels, home appliance, or anything else, you could easily locate source online.
2. Establish a website. Setting up a dropship website is fairly easy. The difficult part is how to make your website known by others and how to get a good rank in search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) plays an important role in this part. If you know little, charge yourself from now on. It's easier to get such knowledge than before.
3. Modify products description and images at your website. Make sure your products are described as thoroughly and helpfully as possible. Upload multiple clear, sharp pictures from different angles for one product. Make sure the picture matches the picture description. Wrong picture with wrong description is ridiculous, silly mistake.
4. Collect the order in time. Don't leave your orders alone for days, you should keep a close eye on it every day.

Note: These two articles, <a href="http://blog.actfind.com/drop-shipping/top-20-wholesale-electronics-apparels-sites-for-home-business/">Top 20 Wholesale Electronics & Apparels Sites for Home Business</a> and <a href="http://blog.actfind.com/shopping-featuresmews/top-five-china-online-electronics-wholesalers/">Top Five China Online wholesale Electronics Platforms</a> are recommended to read for those who want to find <a href="http://www.actfind.com/">China wholesale</a> suppliers of electronics and apparels.

Third step: maintenance
1. Never stop to optimize your website. PR rank, Alexa rank, backlinks, etc. are usually changed by time. Once you forget to optimize, you position in search engines would drop, so would your visitor number.
2. Provide good customer service. Good customer service is one of the main factors that you keep alluring visitors, no matter old or new. As accidents or shoddy products are unavoidable in the business world, customer service is a bridge to solve the contradiction between you and your clients. If the bridge breaks down, how do your clients reach you when problems happen. Anyway, no one wants to be treated impolitely more than 3 times.
3. Update your products constantly. New products always appeal more buyers. If you seldom add new products to your website, you might lose your old customers, let alone attracting new buyers.


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