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How To Install A Bitfenix Recon Set Up Your Router To Use It And Allow Internet Access Without Disabling The Firewall

Hello and welcome to a full tutorial on how to install the BitFenix Recon.

This guide assumes you have administrator access to your rig, as well as access to your router settings. If you do not have these then you will want to contact someone who does.

The unit comes with 5 fan channels, which are linked to 5 temperature channels. The cables and probes are labelled 1-5 to correspond to the 5 channels on the control interface. So go ahead and bolt the unit in, plug the fans in to their channels, and attach the temperature probes using the provided tape. Plug the middle USB connection into an available USB header on your motherboard, then connect the molex power to your power supply.

Alright now boot into your OS and install the device drivers from here:


and start the service from the icon. Please right click the file and click "Run as Administrator".

You should see this in your browser:


If you have come this far and it still does not work, you have to run the install file as the REAL administrator (in windows 7) by right clicking and clicking "Run as Administrator":

1. Open start menu.
2. Type in
3. Right click and click "Run as Administrator"
4. Type the following command:
net user administrator /active:yes
5. The following text should appear in the following line:

6. Log out of the current account, and you should see the REAL Administrator account. Log into it.
7. Uninstall all instances of Recon, and re-install by right clicking and clicking "Run as Administrator"
8. Reboot, and log into the machine again using your own account. The Web Browser should work now.

Deactivate the administrator account by going back to CMD in administrator mode, and type:
net user administrator /active:no

Now, if you try to access this from anywhere else right now it won't work, because your host PC, and Router, both need to be configured. So, go to CMD and type /ipconfig (press windows+r and type CMD)

The number you are looking for is your default gateway, or your router's IP, shown here:


go to your browser and type this number into the address bar. If prompted for a password enter it.

The following steps vary slightly depending on your router, I will be showing a linksys router, this process is called port forwarding, and can be googled as such "How to forward ports on a XY router."

In the router, go to Applications and Gaming:


Then you should see a screen like this:


For Application enter "Recon" or whatever will remind you that that port is designated for your fan controller. For the start and end put "9980" which is the port the recon uses. I do not believe this is changeable. Leave protocol on both. For the box for Ip address, you want to go back to that CMD screen and find your local or internal IP, shown here:


Click enable, and then save. Close CMD and your browser.

Next you are going to want to set the service to start automatically. To do this go to the start menu-- control panel-- Administrative Tools-- Services. Scroll through the list until you find "Fan Controller." Right click it and hit properties. Change the startup type to automatic so the service starts with windows, as shown:


Then, the final step, either disable windows firewall, which is way too sketchy for my liking, or allow the service access through it.

Go to control panel, windows firewall, and hit allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall:


Hit allow another program...


Browse to the location the recon installs to (Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Recon\

Select Recon, and hit open. Repeat this for fancontroller_service and fancontroller_daemon.

Scan through the list of allowed programs for these 3 things (Recon now shows up as Recon Service) and then check off all 3 boxes in each line:


Hit OK.

It should now work. If you are using wireless and have a lancard, disable it. Go to whatsmyip.org get your external IP, copy that into a window of your browser, add :9980 to the end, and connect to your recon. Even if you are doing this on your host rig, it still won't work if its not done correctly, so, if you can do it through your external IP there, you can do it anywhere.

Congratulations on installing your Recon, have fun and be sure to comment.

Comments (14)

This is nice and all, but why do you need to connect a fan controller to the internet?
Maybe for FaH?
Still a nice guide, but i cant figure out how to do with on a Sky router.....
i know this is old, but got one of my two recon's running beautiful, the only problem I can not get the second one working through mobile or web, any help would be great.
I just got my Recon installed today, and was having trouble accessing it remotely, this worked like a charm! Thank you so much for this guide! I have an Asus RT-N66U Router by the way, if anybody needs help sertting up Port Forwarding on it let me know.
Hey I never knew people commented on this it didn't alert me for some reason. Feel free to PM me with a question guys!

Short help: Sorry HUW I've never used a Sky router. AXTpc you might want to look into the Phobia software for the recon, with the stock software it is not possible to use 2 recons to my knowledge. As redirecting to the same port will only access 1 device.
i swear this recon has one of the worst installation process(along with eaton UPS) and i still cant get it to work. forget about network control, i cant even do it as localhost.

done all the steps with a "real" admin account, enabled it as a service and in firewall but still no dice
I have the same issue as akromatic. I followed the steps to install it as REAL admin but still not dice. Local host days page cannot be displayed. I am so tired of this stupid fan controller. I cant even turn the display off.
Guys if your usb control is not using the right header non of the software will not work. If the LCD can control it, you did something wrong, if not, the unit is faulty. Contact Xbourne for replacement issues,
Guys, the OEM software is outdated. Not working on Win 8 Pro... best alternative is here: http://www.phoebetria.com/
I got a question about the recon I can get the software up and running and it works perfectly but when I go to reboot my system to windows home premium 7 64 bit it hangs and won't boot until I unplug the usb connector the middle one. any ideas???
not much, best thing you can do is to launch the program manually with administrative access. that is the only way i can get mine working else use phoebetria.

i dont get what the recon ships with 2 USB connectors when clearly only one is used, i depinned the other connector .
I have worked on this boot problem all night and it still won't allow me to boot to windows unless I disconnect the usb connector. It wouldn't even let me run the Recon in auto mode with the USB disconnected until I ran the power connector from a separate cable without anything else connected to that cable at first when it wouldn't run in auto I had a adapter cable from one of the molex connectors to my DVD player drives Sata connection I have not a clue why it was doing that but as soon as I removed the dvd drive from the cable the Recon would run in auto without the USB connection to my motherboard hook up and I may just use the Recon like this without using the Browser software. I still would like to use the software so if anyone has had the problem of the Recon holding up the boot process and got it fixed or if anyone knows what is wrong with mine I sure could use some help or I'm not going to get any sleep THANKS
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